Automated Network Backups With Ansible

Network automation is taking a rise and in my opinion is a skill that every network admin should begin to learn now. The not only the question of where to start, but also the fact that we are not programmers. Once upon a time, programming and network engineering were two separate IT fields. But what would happen if we took a job that took 4 hours to complete, like network backups, and not only automated it, but shrunk the time it took to complete down to 7 minutes. That is why I think that this is a topic worth mentioning.

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How do you stay motivated?

Am I crazy or just insane?

You hear some of the responses I get when I tell people for the first time that I have 4 kids. That is no typo. I do have 4 kids with my youngest being only 5 months old. So am I crazy or insane? I would argue neither any day of the week. Not for making the decision to have our 4th kid or any of my kids. They bring joy to my life and I am a better person for it.  Continue reading “How do you stay motivated?”

Spanning-Tree explained

The Spanning Tree Protocol, or STP, is a loop prevention protocol. Its sole purpose is to block ports in the network that have the opportunity to cause a loop in the network. What is a loop in the network? In the below topology, if Switch4 sent a broadcast out both ports it would hit both Switch2 and Switch 3. After this Switch 3 would send a broadcast out to Switch1, and Switch2 would send the broadcast to Switch1. Well now, where does Switch1 know how to get to Switch4?

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Vendor-neutral vs. Vendor-specific: The War Is Real

The war has begun. Me and my boss had a discussion about whether or not to renew my vendor-neautral certifications this year. My arguement was that vendor-neutral exams expand my ability to work with a variety of products. However, he was not convinced. He argued that a cisco CCNA weighed much heavier then the Net+ for example, and in his eyes, there was no reason to renew it while holding a valid CCNA.

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A little about TTyBroadCast…

What is TTyBroadCast?

The main goal here at TTyBroadCast is to write about our experience and knowledge the Networking world. I know when I made that decision to scope my specialty into becoming a network engineer, I had a ton of questions. The main question I had was who could answer the questions I had? Luckily, I worked on a team with a very helpful network engineer. He gave me all the tools I needed to succeed while pushing me to do so.

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